​​​​How Much Do Licenses & Permits Cost?

As of date, Ohio still has very reasonably priced hunting and fishing license/permit costs:

​Resident Hunting License: $19

Non-Resident Hunting License: $180.96

​Resident Either Sex Deer Permit:

$24 or 31.20 (after 10/16)

Non-Resident Either Sex Deer Permit


There are additional options; ,more information can be found here: Ohio hunting license information.

How Do I Get An Ohio Hunting/Fishing License?

You have a couple of options.  There are several businesses that sell licenses in Ohio.  These include hardware stores, outdoor stores, convenience stores, and Walmart.  In order to obtain a license, you will be asked to provide information that will identify you.  Federal and state laws require a valid Social Security Number for purchase of a hunting or fishing license. To purchase a hunting license, you must do one of the following ) ▶ present a previously held hunting license, or ▶ present evidence of having successfully completed a hunter education course (from any state), or ▶ swear that you are 21 years of age or older and have previously held a legal hunting license (from any state).

If you would rather have your license in-hand when you leave home, you can go to the Ohio Online Licensing system.  ​I recommend you actually save the license to your device for easy re-printing if necessary.  But fortunately, Ohio no longer charges you to reprint your license and it can be easy to recover it from the site, if needed.  The site will accept Visa, MasterCard, and gift Certificates on on-line purchases.

What Licenses Do I need?

For deer or turkey hunting, you will need an Ohio Hunting License.  These are good from March 1st through the end of February the following year.  Possessing an Ohio hunting license will also permit you to take small game, including coyotes.

If you are hunting for Turkeys in the Spring, you will also need a Spring Turkey Permit.

If you are hunting for Deer in the Fall, you will also need a Deer Permit.  If in doubt, you can call Jody and confirm what you should purchase.

Ohio reviews its rules every spring with finalized rule changes usually posted on the DNR site by May. 

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The best place to read up on Ohio's hunting laws is at the Ohio DNR site.  Although we will highlight a few points here, we encourage you to go the site and read the most up-to-date information available: www.ohiodnr.gov

More Information

Antlered deer are deer with at least one antler 3 inches or longer in length.

Deer permits typically go on sale June 1st.

A hunter may kill no more than one antlered deer in Ohio during the hunting season regardless of where or how it is taken.  A deer permit must be purchased and carried by all licensed hunters to hunt deer.


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