​​​​Deer season in Ohio runs from the end of September to the first part of February.  The majority of the time, it is archery season.  There is typically a Primitive Weapons season (this includes Muzzleloader) that falls at the end of December or in early January.  There is also a Shotgun season that usually last four days in late November and a weekend in December, and an opportunity for Youth Shotgun.

Camp Size:  Most weeks we take 4-6 hunters at our main camp; this can be made up of individual groups and/or persons; If you have a larger group, please call Jody, he may be able to accomodate you.

Cost:  Cost varies by the week. Early and late season are less expensive than closer to rut.  Special seasons, such as Shotgun and Muzzleloader are priced higher.  Prices range from $1000/person/week to $2500/person/week.  Call for more information and availability.

​Prices include your lodging and your hunt.  You are responsible for purchasing your own hunting licenses/permits, your hunting equipment, providing your food, and processing of game.   

We have many treestands, most of which are 18 to 20 footers.  We also have a few blinds and buddy stands.  You are welcome to bring your own climber, if you prefer.

We plant several food plots that include buck forage oats, turnips, wheat, standing corn, clover, and timothy.  Ohio also permits baiting, which we do.

There are grocery stores 10 - 35 minutes away. Walmart is 40 minutes.

​Arrival/Departure​:  Hunters typically arrive on Sunday afternoon and begin their hunt Monday morning.  Departure is typically on Saturday by noon.  This provides us with time to clean the cabin and prepare camp for a another week of hunting.

​​ ​​Local Airports:  the nearest airports to us are Akron-Canton, Pittsburg, and Columbus.  If you are interested in being transported from and to the airport, please give us a call. 

Ohio Deer Hunting

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