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About Us
Buck'Eye Outfitters of Ohio, LLC is located in beautiful South-Eastern Tuscarawas County in Ohio.  The owner and guide, Jody Gardner, has been hunting ever since his dad carried him into the woods as a small boy. 

He began hunting deer seriously when he was 11 and grew up just a hill away from where he currently lives and operates his business.  Jody continues to invest in keeping the deer in the area providing feed year-round and planting food plots in the late Summer to provide the deer the nutrition they need to grow strong, stay healthy, and develop into mature animals.

Jody was a Lake Erie Walleye Charter boat captain, owning and operating Reel'M-N Charters from Wild Wings Marina for ten years.  In 2015, he gave this up to dedicate more time to the hunting side.  Jody also treks out West every couple of years for his own do-it-yourself hunt on public ground for elk and mule deer.  Jody's obvious love of the outdoors and hunting is contagious to anyone who is around him for very long.   He truly enjoys sharing his expertise with others and wants his clients to have success in the field. 

We are not affiliated with Buckeye Outfitters in western Ohio. 

We own and lease ground in Tuscarawas County and are located just a few miles from the border of both Harrison and Guernsey counties. Tuscarawas county is consistently a major player in Ohio whitetail harvesting statistics.  See the ODNR site for more information.

Buck'Eye Outfitters of Ohio is a family business.  We are a small operation but are dedicated to our clients.  We hunt 2500+ acres, all of which are no more than a few miles from camp. Some of this ground is leased, and some of it we own.

The average 3 year old buck in our area scores around 135.  There are certainly larger ones, but 135s are the most common.  We request our clients abide by an 8 point restriction.

A note from the Guide's wife:  Our daughter is grown now and my interests are returning to hunting.  Some of my best memories of Jody's and my dating years was hopping on a 4-wheeler with Jody at the helm and going to check trap lines in the fall and groundhog hunting in the summer.  I grew up a farmer's daughter and more accuratey, a daddy's girl.  I spent many a night in the basement with my dad and his deer hunting buddies, listening to their stories and watching them shoot pool.  I consider myself one blessed gal to have won Jody's heart and love to see him getting to do what he enjoys the most.  A couple of years ago, Jody bought me a Matthews Passion bow and I am excited about the hunting days ahead. 
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